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Media Literacy
engages students

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Media Literacy
empowers students

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Media Literacy drives civic participation

Student testimony on media literacy in Washington state

Student Dalia Mendoza’s prepared testimony to the Washington State Senate Education Committee


Legislation is the first step toward a recognition that media have such a powerful influence on students that it’s time to help them be more thoughtful about how they are affected.
Tom Reid, High School English Teacher
I think media literacy is one of the most important skills needed to thrive and be happy in our environment.
Anderson J. Duff, attorney, Wolf Greenfield
Today, trying to teach without utilizing and helping students analyze the vast media world in which we all swim, is like trying to teach Moby Dick without the whale or the ocean, or like playing football without a helmet.
Fr. Richard Malloy S.J., Chaplain, University of Scranton
This is a clear public health initiative.
Terence R. Flotte, M.D. Provost and Dean, University of Massachusetts Medical School
I know how important this legislation is to helping girls cope in this difficult social and political environment.
Ruth Bramson, former Girls Scouts CEO
Every day my college students say media literacy should have been a part of their education in high school, and even grade school.
Joni Siani, media and social science professor
This is an all-hands-on-deck issue. We need to wake up.
Keven J. Stratton, Utah state representative

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