Rep. Vincent Dixie speaks to Education Committee in Tennessee State Capitol. Education Committee votes unanimously in favor to move the bill to the full House.

Jamila McCoy joined our community of state leaders late last year and made rapid progress advancing media literacy policy in Tennessee. Ms. McCoy knows that media literacy is of utmost importance to young people today, and that they should therefore be involved in working with policymakers to make the necessary change. She invited a group of local high-schoolers to the table, and challenged them to be change-agents on issues that directly impact their lives.

Through her efforts, along with the students, Rep. Vincent Dixie introduced TN House Bill 2595, a bill to require that school boards to include media literacy education in their educational programs. The Senate also gained a sponsor for the legislation: Sen Katrina Robinson introduced TN Senate Bill 2560

The bill was given a hearing by the Education Committee and taken up by the full House for a vote as an exception to the legislatures decision to consider only essential budget bills.

The bill received wide bipartisan support and passed 80-4. The Senate chose not to take action before the close of the session due to the pandemic, and Rep. Dixon will bring the bill forward again next year.

Two of the young women testified before the committee. They can be seen here at 1:17

Jamila McCoy and students testify before the Education Committee on March 10, 2020

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