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Media Literacy Now is leading the grassroots movement to create a public education system that ensures all students learn the 21st century literacy skills they need for health, well-being, economic participation, and citizenship.

MLN is a politically neutral advocacy nonprofit with the goal of making media literacy widely understood and accepted as an essential element in public education at the local, state, and national levels.

We pursue this goal through:

  • Public awareness campaigns.
  • Policymaker education, research, and coalition building.
  • Influencing regulations and legislation.

Every day, MLN is inspiring action in states across the country and providing structure and resources that lower the barriers to entry for activists. We are changing the way people think about media and literacy.

Media Literacy Now’s mission is to drive reform of the U.S. public education system to ensure all students have the opportunity to learn the key 21st century literacy skills they need for health, well-being, economic participation, and citizenship.

Our founder was instrumental in the introduction of a bill to bring media literacy education to Massachusetts schools in March 2011.  Policymakers in Massachusetts at all levels from the school districts to the State House are now talking about media literacy education.

To build on the momentum, our founder launched Media Literacy Now in 2013 to take advantage of what we learned in Massachusetts, and help spark action in other states. The strategy was successful when our partners in Washington state were able to bring a comprehensive bill to the governor in 2016. The Washington state legislation became the basis for our model bill, a version of which has now become law in Colorado, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.  The common sense Washington bill – which would make media literacy a priority in our education system and empower professional educators to develop the best means to integrate media literacy within the current curriculum – has gained interest in many other states. Washington is leading the way with additional funding for research, curriculum dissemination, and professional development.