Mission & What We Do

Media Literacy Now is leading the grassroots movement to create a public education system that ensures all students learn the 21st century literacy skills they need for health, well-being, economic participation, and citizenship.

Our Mission

Media Literacy Now leverages the passion and resources of the media literacy community to inform and drive policy change at local, state, and national levels in the U.S. to ensure all K-12 students are taught media literacy so that they become healthy, confident and competent media consumers and creators.

How Do We Do This?

As a politically neutral advocacy nonprofit, our goal is to make media literacy more widely understood and accepted as an essential element in public education. Media literacy is apolitical – it teaches young people how to consume and evaluate information, ask critical questions, avoid manipulation, and navigate within our complex and ever-changing media landscape. We are outcomes-neutral and believe that everyone deserves to have the opportunity to learn and develop these essential skills.

We pursue this goal through:

  • Educating policymakers
  • Connecting and supporting advocates, providing tools, education, and training
  • Building public awareness and grassroots support for media literacy education
  • Supporting implementation in schools
  • Influencing legislation, standards, and regulation

Take Action

Every day, Media Literacy Now is inspiring action in states across the country and providing structure and resources that lower the barriers to entry for activists. Collectively, we are changing the way people think about media and literacy. Join the movement and take action today.

Parents and Individuals



Media Literacy is literacy in the 21st century.
Erin McNeill