Our Team

Erin McNeill
Erin McNeillCEO & Founder
Kyra Brissette, M.B.A.
Kyra Brissette, M.B.A.Director of Operations
Amanda Marsden
Amanda MarsdenCommunications Manager
Max Tang
Max TangCommunications & Policy Associate

Board of Directors

Jennifer Furlong (President)
Jennifer Furlong (President)Communications Director & Analyst Manager, Ad Fontes Media
Diolinda Vaz (Treasurer)
Diolinda Vaz (Treasurer)Organizational Coach, Vaz Coaching & Consulting
Anderson J. Duff, J.D., LLM (Secretary)
Anderson J. Duff, J.D., LLM (Secretary)Managing Member, Duff Law PLLC
Nancy Cornelius
Nancy Cornelius Co-Founder, Boston Dynamics
Theo Dolan
Theo Dolan Global Lead for Innovation in Countering Disinformation, IREX
Juma Inniss
Juma InnissFounder, The Message
Douglas Lare, Ph.D.
Douglas Lare, Ph.D.Professor, East Stroudsburg University
Denise Ramirez
Denise RamirezBrand Manager, HealthSource RI

We are currently seeking talented and passionate individuals to fill openings on our board. Interested?

National Advisory Council

Members of our National Advisory Council provide valued guidance to the organization in their areas of expertise and champion media literacy education.

Joe Carr
Joe CarrSemi-retired Sales Strategy & Planning executive at Cisco Systems
Elizabeth Englander, Ph.D.
Elizabeth Englander, Ph.D.Director, Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center at Bridgewater State University
Rebecca Hains, Ph.D.
Rebecca Hains, Ph.D.Associate Professor at Salem State University
Renee Hobbs, Ed.D.
Renee Hobbs, Ed.D.Founder of the Media Education Lab
Jean Kilbourne, Ed.D.
Jean Kilbourne, Ed.D. Media literacy educator, author, activist
Sheila Suess Kennedy
Sheila Suess KennedyProfessor, Law & Public Policy, Indiana University Purdue University
Deanna Lambson
Deanna LambsonFounder, Utah's White Ribbon Week
Vanessa Otero
Vanessa OteroFounder and CEO of Ad Fontes Media, creator Media Bias Chart®
Tamara Sobel, J.D.
Tamara Sobel, J.D.Founder, Girls, Women, and Media Project; National Advisor on Health Education & Media Literacy for Media Literacy Now
Joni Siani
Joni SianiFilmmaker, radio personality, professor of psychology; National Advisor on Media Effects & Digital Socialization for MLN
Marcus Stallworth, LMSW
Marcus Stallworth, LMSWNational Training and Development Specialist for the Child Welfare League of America
Andy Zucker, Ed. D.
Andy Zucker, Ed. D.

“This is an all-hands-on-deck issue. We need to wake up.”
–Keven J. Stratton, Utah State Representative