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#5 Editorial Choices

By Bill Shribman, Senior Executive Producer, WGBH

So after several months of hard work from an agile team, we finally launched this week and the site now lives at and our efforts turn to promotion. The PBS platform doesn’t automatically imply traffic and so this week we are pushing where we can through an assortment of Facebook and Twitter accounts, and we’ve established a Pinterest as a one-stop shop for promotional graphics. The videos we have produced work as standalones, and so have been posted to PBS’s YouTube channel. We also cut a promo and that’s viewable here:

We recognize, especially as this is a pilot project, that any feedback we can glean is useful. And so we’ve set up a cross-promotion via and to encourage their audience of tech-savvy parents to try the resources for size and to proffer feedback. We encourage those reading this blog to do the same! There’s a feedback form right on the site.

Next steps include renewed attempts to find new sources of funding, as well as presenting the project next month in Prague at the International Media Education Summit.

Besides’ll find us on Twitter at @RuffRuffman and Facebook 

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