LeanneBy Leanne McGowan, New Jersey Chapter President
This August, I led a Month of Action on media literacy hosted by Day of the Girl Summit and SPARK Movement.  Check out the blog for Let’s Talk Girls and the Media.

Designed for DOTG and SPARK’s tween and teen followers and girl activists around the world, the most recent post gives tips about deconstructing media, especially media stereotypes.  Last week’s “Hijacking Girl Power or Empowering Media for Girls?” was inspired by Lauren Hansen’s article in The Week, “Corporate advertisers are hijacking girl power to sell products – and I’m totally into it,”  which included feedback from Erin McNeill, founder of Media Literacy Now.    

The first post is summarized here:IAMDayofthegirl

Over the last couple of weeks, girls have been all over the media! From Colbie Caillat’s new video “Try” to the Always commercial #LikeAGirl, viewers have demanded (and embraced) alternative images of girls in the media. But what do these messages mean to girls? Do they feel empowered by them? Or do they reinforce negative stereotypes and ideas about girlhood? 

Join us during the month of August as we tackle these questions and more. Each week we will feature a new video or media image for girls to discuss, followed by a call to action. We hope these discussions will help girls (and adults!) to understand the implications of media and give us the tools to “talk back” to the media effectively.

Here is how you can get involved:

  • Visit the IDG Summit site (www.DayoftheGirlSummit.org) each week for a feature discussion on girls and the media. Week 1 explores Colbie Caillat’s “Try” video and the impact of the beauty industry on girls’ self-esteem. 
  • Keep the conversation going! Follow us on Twitter @IDG2014 @LTAMedia @SPARKSummit and use hashtags #IDG2014 #MediaLiteracy #YouveBeenSPARKd and/or #11MonthsofAction whenever you post about girls and the media. 

Thanks for your ongoing support. Together, we are changing the world. 

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