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Legislative Action Toolkit

Over and over, we see that grassroots, state-level advocacy is the engine that moves media literacy education forward. You can start a chapter in your own state and coordinate activity there, and  Media Literacy Now will help you. We have created a legislative action toolkit that will give you a running start. But we need you to take that step and reach out to your state lawmakers. We can’t do that without you. Get in touch today, download the toolkit, get started. Because this work is urgent. The kids need us now!  Please give us a call at 617-395-4222 or go to the contact page. 

If you’re not ready to start a chapter, you can write letters to your school administrators and to your legislators. Download the toolkit for sample letters. Please get in touch with us for other ways to take action. For example, we have materials to help you give a presentation for your local PTA or other organization.

Download Legislative Action Toolkit

Find your state legislator and research legislative activity at Open States:


The Model Bill

An Act relating to Digital Citizenship and Media Literacy in public schools