Sen. Diane Allen

Sen. Diane Allen

Joins Massachusetts and New York in moving forward with comprehensive legislation

Media Literacy Now announces that Sen. Diane Allen, R–Burlington, has introduced a bill to advance media literacy in New Jersey. If passed, this legislation would ensure the 1.36 million public school students in New Jersey will be empowered with media literacy skills.

Sen. Diane Allen, a former journalist, is a long-time champion of media literacy. We’re excited and delighted to work with her to get this important legislation passed in New Jersey.

Sen. Allen said: “It’s very important for students to be involved in the world around them. They need to understand as they turn to the media what is fact and what is not. Media literacy skills would help them to compare and contrast what different information outlets are presenting. I am looking forward to working with Media Literacy Now towards the passage of New Jersey Senate Bill S-1761.

Leanne McGowan, president of the Media Literacy Now chapter in New Jersey, will lead the MLN effort. Please go to here to learn how you can get involved.

MLN is seeking organizations and individuals in other states to move policy solutions forward. Please get in touch if you want to be part of this national movement. To donate to help us support the state-by-state effort, please click here.

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