The Greater Boston show on WGBH went to Andover, Mass., high school to film Mary Robb’s Media Literacy and Democracy class as the students investigate fake news. Then host and reporter discussed MLN’s legislative action to get media literacy into school across the state.

“This is a fabulous program, said the host, Jim Braude, “that’s clearly needed.” Then he asked, “Is this going to be replicated in other parts of the state?

Reporter Stephanie Leydon tells him Media Literacy Now is sponsoring legislation to get media literacy into schools across the state. It’s “not a mandate, but a starting point to get people together to figure out how do we incorporate this.”

She goes on to tell him that MLN believes, “In the digital age, to be literate means you need to be media literate.”

Jim Braude: “That’s my feeling too.”

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