By Erin McNeill, founder and president

Recently, more and more people have been coming to us to find a way to get started locally. So it’s good timing that we’ve launched our new Pathways to Success page, to provide a launching pad for our emerging advocates.

These local advocates are so crucial to our mission. They not only help increase the number of individual students potentially getting essential media literacy skills, they also help raise media literacy as a priority across the school community and with the public. This supports our mission of systemic reform that ultimately helps every school and every teacher ensure that every student has the opportunity to learn the literacy skills they need for our modern world.

You can take action by advocating for media literacy programs and policy in your own community. But where to start? There are different paths you can take – starting at your local school, at the school district level, within community organizations, or at the state department of education and state legislative level. Choose the place where you feel you can best direct your passion and for which you will be able to find a coalition of partners who will help you achieve your goals.

We know that there are many people who want to find a way to plug in and gets started on the pathway to making a difference in their community, joining the movement to change the way education prepares our young people for today’s world. Start at the Pathways page and find your inspiration.

Media Literacy Now empowers people to take action, providing advocacy tools, best practices, and lessons learned in the field.

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