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The recent killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and Tony McDade, have led to a long overdue public outcry against the continued brutality toward Black people. These acts of institutional violence and injustice have brought an unavoidable truth to the forefront of everyone’s conscience: systemic racism has its roots dug deep into the soul of America. It is time that we, as a country, respond to the call to dismantle the systems that have dehumanized, and oppressed Black people for more than 400 years.

We want equality. We want justice. And we want it now. But wanting is not enough; our words are empty without action. 

Media plays a leading role in the spread of overtly and covertly discriminatory messages and images, contributing to the attitudinal scaffolding for systemic racism. That is why we at Media Literacy Now (MLN) are committed to elevating media literacy education as a tool to create the society we all deserve: one that nurtures racial equity, social justice, and true democracy. Media literacy skills are also essential to health, well-being, and full participation in economic and civic life today. The fight for media literacy education is the fight for our future. 

MLN envisions an America where all youth have equal access to education and are mobilized toward understanding, critiquing, and re-envisioning the media systems that uphold racism, inequity, and violence. MLN is committed to achieving this goal. We successfully advocate for reform of education system policies and priorities to ensure media literacy skills are taught in all public schools. As a grassroots movement for change, we need your help.

Join us: Learn more about our mission and sign up. We are organizing so you can add your voice to help change the will of the educational establishment on the local, statewide, and national levels. 

Together, we can be effective in fighting for the structural reforms needed so that we can live in a nation that is just and equal for all.