Chapter Leader

Ramonia R. Rochester is a doctoral student and Presidential Fellow 2014-2016 of Curriculum and Instruction at Florida Atlantic University, specializing in media literacy education policy for K-12 and teacher education. Her scholarship includes work in international and comparative education, critical pedagogy and social communication theories of education.

Ramonia has worked in marketing communications and research for higher education, and as an undergraduate communications and computer science instructor.  She was the research and social marketing coordinator and member of the State steering and curriculum committees for the Miami-Dade County, Florida Teen Dating Violence Prevention Initiative.  A current Graduate Research Assistant at Florida Atlantic University and research consultant with Covian Consulting and Lunar Tunes, Inc.; Ramonia  holds a research Master’s in Mass Communication and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Science.

Ramonia is passionate about developing media literacy education’s capacity to sustain participatory democracy and mitigate the negative effects of media’s pervasive influence on 21st century society. Her current research work examines modes for rectifying the disconnect between media education policy and practice, and attending to inequities related to information access and education for critical media consumption. To that end, she most recently published “Amazing Ourselves to Death: A critical review” of one author’s view of Neil Postman’s theories concerning the negative effects of media communication technology on public literacy.

Current Activity

Florida chapter of Media Literacy Now launches for policy, legislation and advocacy advancement

We are now in Florida, putting media literacy on the agenda.

 If you are interested in getting involved in the Florida effort, pleas let us know on the MLN contact page, or get in touch with Ramonia.

Next Steps for Media Literacy in Florida

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