Legislation to be discussed at digital citizenship conference

By Erin McNeill

#DigCitSummitOver the last few months we have been developing a model bill in partnership with Common Sense Kids Action. We’ll be rolling it out state by state this fall. The bill is based on the successful Washington bill passed earlier this year through the leadership of Claire Beach, president of Action for Media Education. We will be talking about the model bill and the link between digital citizenship and media literacy at the DigCit Summit in San Francisco on Friday, Oct. 28. That’s today, if you’re reading this on the weekly newsletter.

The conference is at Twitter HQ and will stream live via Periscope on Twitter’s @Safety account. You can also watch live on the DigCitSummit website.  You can catch me on the media literacy panel at noon Pacific time.

This event is the kick-off for Media Literacy Week!

Stay tuned for more on the model legislation strategy.

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