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Here is what we do to help create a world where all children learn critical media literacy skills:

  • We create impactful, broad-scale public awareness about the importance of and critical need for media literacy education

  • We support, empower and connect activists and communities across the country who are advocating for media literacy in their local schools

  • We provide crucial policy and advocacy expertise and resources to help develop state laws, policies and educational standards

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Your support allows us to continue our commitment and increase our capacity to promote Media Literacy education all across the country.

$25 – Contribute toward raising awareness with 10 members of the public through press outreach.

$50 – Contribute toward advocacy resulting in 20 new teachers trained to bring media literacy to the classroom.

$100 – Help recruit and support one new grassroots advocate to work on the local and state levels to reach dozens of policymakers.

$150 – Help develop outreach materials that will lead to a strong national coalition.

$250 – Contribute to reach 10 policymakers and 50 members of the public through developing and leading workshops for parents and lawmakers.

$500 – Contribute to the support of a state chapter with technical assistance.

$750 – Help educate 200 policymakers with direct outreach strategies.

$1000 – Help support 3 state chapters with internet-based advocacy tools.

$5000 – Contribute toward training 15 state chapter leaders with a one-day workshop.

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Media Literacy Now is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, EIN 46-2991673. Your donation is deductible within IRS guidelines. MLN is a policy and grassroots advocacy organization. Our policy work includes lobbying to advance nonpartisan media literacy-related legislation within IRS limits. MLN does not participate in political activities.

Why I give to Media Literacy Now

Sharon Lux

“I think media literacy from Pre-K to 12 is absolutely essential for creating informed and activist citizens. Not only do our students need to be able to deconstruct the messages they are constantly bombarded with, they need the tools to be able to make their voices heard and their opinions count. This empowerment is not going to be realized without concerted efforts on the part of parents, educators, and, ultimately, policy makers. MLN can make that happen!”
Sharon Lux

Recent donors

We’ve raised more this year than ever, and that money is going directly toward growing our capacity to raise awareness and change education policy across the country.

So far this year we’ve raised $18,410, and our goal by the end of the year is $25,000. We can meet our goal with your help!

We thank our “Take the Lead” donors, truly leading the way with their generosity and shared vision.

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$1000 – $4999 

Jan Garbett, Salt Lake City, Utah

Obligation, Inc., Birmingham Alabama

UMass Medical School

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Crispin Porter + Bogusky

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