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Our Impact

Since our founding in 2013, we’ve made significant strides in raising awareness of media literacy and its importance, advocating and proposing legislation, expanding our network of advocates, and engaging our community of concerned citizens.

Our Impact Last Year

  • We rounded out 2023 four bills passed, including California’s comprehensive K-12 approach across subject areas and a Connecticut requirement on civics and media literacy within social studies.

  • We launched our Science and Digital Wellness coalition development projects.

  • We published recommendations for media literacy in K-12 science classrooms, and are now curating instructional materials to help teachers get started right away.

  • We’re raising awareness through media attention via AP News, US News, NPR’s On Point, Politico, Governing, USA Today, CNN, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Guardian, and others.

  • Advocates can now find a hub for action steps and a resource library built into our website. We’re collecting stories of advocates that we hope will instruct and inspire.

Current Policy

Many bills pending around the country are the product of direct efforts of state-level Media Literacy Now advocates. Some are the result of years of policymaker education, and others have resulted from lawmakers who care about media literacy education who seek out our expertise.

Curious about current media literacy education policy and laws in the U.S.? Our annual Media Literacy Policy Report outlines the status of media literacy education laws for K-12 schools in the U.S. The report is based on data collected from public information sources and compares state progress. Our report is meant to guide and inspire, but also empower, legislators, educators, parents, and concerned individuals to advocate for policy that will bring more media literacy instruction to local schools.

Bills We’re Watching

We’re excited to see so many states take action on media literacy education! We are constantly monitoring proposed bills that have media literacy components and putting out the call to our community to take action in their states.

Currently we’re asking residents of the following states to take action by reaching out to their representatives to voice their support of proposed media literacy related bills.

  • Missouri
  • New York

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