Putting Media Literacy on the Public Policy Agenda

This map was last updated March 2023

Many bills pending around the country are the product of direct efforts of state-level Media Literacy Now advocates. Some are the result of years of policymaker education, and others have resulted from lawmakers who care about media literacy education who seek out our expertise.

Ideally, all school districts would incorporate media literacy as a standard method of teaching into all subjects at all grade levels. We believe that media literacy is not meant to be an add-on to an already full curriculum. It’s an educational approach or practice consisting of the skills of critical analysis that can be applied across the curriculum. However, as we collectively advocate for this ideal, we support and celebrate progress in all forms. There are a number of potential policy approaches that will help us arrive at this ideal. From statutory laws mandating media literacy teaching in schools, education standards that explicitly include media literacy education, instructional resource recommendations, and funding for teacher training – there are a number of ways to integrate media literacy education into more classrooms.

Media Literacy Policy Report 2022

Released February 2023: This year we saw growing bipartisan cooperation as lawmakers sought to address some very serious challenges for young people today. Read the report.