Update: Video from the hearing

The Massachusetts Joint Committee on education has announced that it will hold a hearing on the media literacy bill introduced by Rep. Dave Rogers (H471) and the companion bill introduced by Sen. Dan Wolf (S379). The hearing is scheduled for this week: 10 am on Thursday, Sept. 24 .

Based on our extensive outreach during the last legislative session, we believe this language will gain traction in the legislature and will lead to an important step forward in bringing critical thinking skills to all students, K-12, in the commonwealth.

The new language:

SECTION 1. The second paragraph of Section 1 of chapter 71 of the GeneraLaws is hereby amended by adding the following sentence: The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education shall encourage school districts to implement instruction in media literacy skills at all grade levels, and in any of the core subjects or other subjects, to equip students with the knowledge and skills for accessing, analyzing, evaluating, and creating all types of media.

Media Literacy Now has worked with sponsors to put together a panel of speakers for the hearing. We encourage everyone in the state who is interested in seeing this legislation move forward to submit written testimony to the committee. You can mail or email your written testimony to the committee chairwomen. Find addresses here.

If you’d like to attend, please get in touch with us so we can provide you with more information. Your attendance is welcome as it will help to demonstrate support for the legislation.

The next step in our advocacy will be to have many people and organizations throughout the state reach out to the committee chairs as well as all legislators to move the legislation out of the committee and on to the floor for a vote.

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