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Current Activity in Massachusetts

Rep. Dave Rogers has introduced the new model bill, “An Act relating to Digital Citizenship and Media Literacy in public schools.” (H3556)  See below for call to action.

There are currently 9 bills (!) in front of the Massachusetts legislature that are media literacy related. Please contact your reps and senators to ask for their support on these bills.

Updated July 17, 2017

Next Steps for Media Literacy in Massachusetts

  • STEP 1: Contact your Representative and Senator now to co-sponsor the Digital Citizenship and Media Literacy Bill, based on our national model.

  • Ask your representative and senators to support the nine bills currently in front of the Massachusetts legislature.

  • After you write you letter in the box, POPVOX will confirm your identity and find your legislator. This helps the legislators know that the requests coming to their mailbox are coming from constituents.

  • If you prefer, call or email your legislator directly.
    Here’s what you ask them to co-sponsor:
    Digital Citizenship and Media Literacy bill H3556  (Rogers)
    Find their contact information here.

Chapter Leader

Tamara Sobel, J.D, C.S.E., is the Founder and National Coordinator of the Girls, Women + Media Project, a website and activism network that was one of the first to focus on media education and activism around the representation of girls and women in popular media. She is a Certified Sexuality Educator with a special interest in how media affects body image, sexual development and decisionmaking, and gender equality. Prior to her work with media literacy, Tamara was a public interest attorney who specialized in public health and consumer protection, and she remains interested in advocacy in education and public health policy/legislation.