We’re thrilled to announce that Delegate Rip Sullivan (VA-48) has introduced our model Media Literacy bill into Virginia General Assembly.

Del. Rip Sullivan and family. Courtesy photo.

“As a parent of four millennials who grew up during the dawn of the internet era, I have seen firsthand how young people are increasingly using social media to communicate with friends and others,” Sullivan said. “Today’s youth have unprecedented access to seemingly unlimited sources of information.”

“With this access, however, comes the daunting challenge of determining the sources that deserve their attention and those that could be harmful, which is why I introduced HB199.

We have been working with Del. Sullivan since early last year to design a policy framework that will work for Virginia. This legislation, House Bill 199, would require the Superintendent of Public Instruction to establish an advisory council to help ensure that students in elementary and secondary public schools have the opportunity to learn key skills to discern among media sources, examine their own media consumption, analyze techniques of persuasion, and tell their own stories. The bill requires that the council include at least these members: a teacher, a librarian, a representative of a parent-teacher organization, a school administrator, and an individual with expertise in digital citizenship, Internet safety, and media literacy.

“I appreciate the groundwork that Media Literacy Now has done to develop this legislation and bring it to my attention,” Sullivan said. “I look forward to working with MLN during this legislative session to ensure that our young citizens are ready for the challenges to come.”

Sullivan, representing parts of Arlington and Fairfax counties, is sponsoring the bill along with co-patron Chris L. Hurst, who represents parts of Blacksburg, Radford, Pulaski and Giles Counties. They are currently seeking co-patrons.

We expect action on the bill in the next few weeks. Please call your representative in Virginia and ask them to be a co-patron on HB 199, the Digital Citizenship, Internet Safety, and Media Literacy Advisory Council bill.

Find your legislator at Openstates.org

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