To date, Media Literacy Now, through our nationwide network of advocates, has helped propose 30 separate pieces of legislation, backed by 140 sponsors and cosponsors. This has resulted in the passage of 18 bills in 9 states on a widely bipartisan basis, and many unanimously or nearly so. Additionally, we have connected with 150 additional legislators through hearings, briefings, and meetings. Two state legislators have also sought our advice on state bills.

MLN advocacy has contributed to these achievements:

  • Illinois now requires media literacy in high school

  • Colorado requires media literacy in the education standards

  • Connecticut requires social media literacy and computer science education in schools

  • Massachusetts, Montana, and Virginia have written new standards

  • Washington and New Mexico have funded professional development for a total of over $1 million

  • 8 states have worked with MLN advocates to add media literacy to curricula

  • 6 states have convened advisory councils to identify barriers

  • 9 states are considering the feasibility of such advisory councils



Impact statement as of May 2021:


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