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Donnell ProbsDonnell Probst is a photographer and full-time Media Studies student at Arizona State University. She has spent several years as a special education parent mentor and advocate helping parents who are struggling to access supports and services for their children through the public school system. Donnell has worked with several disability and special education organizations including MPACT (Missouri’s Parent and Training Information Center), the Missouri Developmental Disability Council’s Partners in Policymaking, as well as the Special School District’s Parent Advisory Council, PBIS Leadership Team, and Public Review Committee. She is founder of Project Hope, a fundraiser showcasing positive images of children with disabilities benefiting Missouri Families for Effective Autism Treatment (MO-FEAT).

In addition to her educational and professional experience, Donnell is also a Student Leadership Council member and Editor of the Monthly Update for the National Association for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE). As a parent, she homeschools her teenage daughter and serves on the board of the PTO at the elementary school attended by her two sons.

Donnell believes media literacy is the intersection of all issues of justice and equality. Whether evaluating issues of race, gender, education, disability, class, bullying or sexuality, media literacy education provides a road map by which to effect positive change. Media literacy education better prepares children for a pervasive media culture while simultaneously breaking down societal barriers and promoting equality.

Donnell Probst
President, Missouri Chapter
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