Jan. 9, 2024 – Media Literacy Now is pleased to announce support from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute to create an inventory of instructional resources that K-12 science teachers can use to help students learn how to find and assess trustworthy scientific information.

“Many science teachers are concerned about the harmful effects of false information about scientific topics that spreads easily in today’s media environment,” said Erin McNeill, founder and CEO of Media Literacy Now. “This award will allow us to create a searchable database where science teachers can find lesson plans, videos, games, or other materials for teaching students how to evaluate scientific information.”

Creating such an inventory was one of the recommendations in Media Literacy Now’s recent report, Learning to find trustworthy scientific information. The materials will be identified and curated by a team of teachers and science education experts. MLN will continue to build the database as more materials are developed, as expected.

“Science education has long ago moved away from being a list of facts to memorize,” said Marjee Chmiel, Ph.D., HHMI Director of Evaluation for Science Education, Media, and Journalism. “Central to understanding science is understanding how it is produced, evaluated, and communicated. Being able to navigate and assess information is an essential practice for lifelong learning for all students.”

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