The Associated Press has published a piece about MLN’s effort to change education policy by advocating for Media Literacy legislation state by state.

Efforts grow to help students evaluate what they see online

BY RYAN J. FOLEY Associated Press
Lawmakers in several states have introduced or passed bills calling on public school systems to do more to teach media literacy skills that they say are critical to democracy. The effort has been bipartisan but has received little attention despite successful legislation in Washington state, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New Mexico. Several more states are expected to consider such bills in the coming year, including Arizona, New York and Hawaii…
The article, which is getting picked up by news outlets across the country, is the first to bring national media attention specifically to our legislative approach. The writer did a great job laying out both the need, and the current status of the bi-partisan legislative solution that we’ve been advocating. As the article spreads to news outlets big and small, it will help us elevate awareness around the need to ensure that K-12 schools are teaching these critical 21st century literacy skills.


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