We are thrilled to announce our strategic affiliation with Ad Fontes Media which will help news consumers support media literacy advocacy at the same time they are getting smarter about the news they use.
If you are interested in exploring a strategic affiliation, call Erin McNeill at 617 744-9563 or email emcneill@medialiteracynow.org
Please read the Ad Fontes Media press release below to learn more.

Announcing a strategic affiliation with Media Literacy Now!

Fixing our news ecosystem takes all of us. One big piece of the puzzle is ensuring that media literacy is taught in schools so future generations have the skills to assess news credibility and bias themselves.

We are pleased to announce our strategic affiliation with Media Literacy Now, a politically neutral advocacy nonprofit with the goal of making media literacy widely understood and accepted as an essential element in public education.

Media Literacy Now has been extremely effective in its work to elevate media literacy education as policy in K-12 schools in states around the country. We’re excited to help them advance our mutual goals.

Starting this month, 10% of all new Ad Fontes Media News Nerd and News Nurturer Memberships will be earmarked to fund the work of Media Literacy Now, so we can all look forward to a day everyone has the 21st century literacy skills they need to be informed citizens!

News Nerd Memberships are $9.99/mo (or $99 annually) and News Nurturer Memberships are $17.99/mo (or $179 annually).

You’ll still get all the additional benefits of these memberships, which include:

  • Premium Interactive Media Bias Chart Features
  • All licensed versions of the Static Media Bias Chart
  • SUMMA News Literacy Course for Lifelong Learners
  • Access to News Analysis Workshops offered weekly
  • Sponsorship for our Curriculum Access Program for educators with no budgets
  • Merchandise discounts

As you may already know, Ad Fontes Media currently provides educational products, including our SUMMA News Literacy Programs and Interactive Media Bias Chart versions. These give students the hands-on skills they need to evaluate truth and bias in the news for themselves.

Because our commitment to media literacy for students at all levels is aligned with Media Literacy Now’s mission, you can now find us listed as a resource for educators and everyone else on Media Literacy Now’s website.

Whether you are currently associated with a school or not, you can take action today to promote the teaching of media literacy skills to the next generation!

Become a Member + Support Media Literacy Now


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