Current Activity

Model bill introduced in New Mexico

The model bill in the form of a Memorial has just been introduced in New Mexico. Pamela Pereyra is leading the conversation with government and civic leaders in New Mexico to move this legislation forward and elevate media literacy and digital citizenship as education priorities in schools.

If you are interested in getting involved in the New Mexico effort, please let us know on the MLN contact page, or get in touch with Pamela at

Next Steps for Media Literacy in New Mexico

  • STEP 1: Contact your Representative and Senator now to raise awareness and build support for House Memorial 49, Media Literacy Best Practices.

  • Ask your representative to support House Memorial 49, Media Literacy Best Practices.

  • After you write your letter in the box, POPVOX will confirm your identity and find your legislator. This helps the legislators know that the requests coming to their mailbox are coming from constituents.

  • If you prefer, call or email your legislator directly.
    Here’s what you ask them to support:
    House Memorial 49, Media Literacy Best Practices
    Find their contact information here.

New Mexico Chapter Leader

Pamela Pereyra is a media literacy educator and mother of two elementary-aged kids in Taos, New Mexico. She has been devoted to media literacy since 1999 when she was using VHS content to decode and spur discussions and media productions dealing with teen issues of the times. Today she is founder and executive director of Media Heads, which educates rural New Mexico students, teachers, parents and community stakeholders to think more critically, become active creators of meaningful media in order to transform communities and society in a positive way.  Working primarily with underserved populations, she finds that youth respond well to collaborative participatory learning where insights are revealed via dialogue and media making. In fact, using media literacy as a tool for drug and alcohol prevention has shown positive results in New Mexico. She is currently a graduate student of Media Studies at The New School and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Public Relations from the University of South Florida in 1997. Get in touch with her at and