Media Literacy Policy Report 2022

Each year, Media Literacy Now publishes the Media Literacy Policy Report outlining the status of media literacy education laws for K-12 schools in the U.S. Our Media Literacy Policy Report is meant to guide and inspire, but also empower, legislators, educators, parents, and concerned individuals to advocate for policy that will bring more media literacy instruction to local schools.

Executive Summary

To date, lawmakers in 18 states throughout the country have taken steps that help prepare students for participation in the economic and civic life of the nation through media literacy education. “We’re seeing bipartisan cooperation on this issue as lawmakers seek to address some very serious challenges as new technologies arise,” said report author Erin McNeill, president and founder of MLN. “Advanced communications technologies offer so much promise to our world, but real risks to individuals and the wider society threaten to overshadow the opportunities. Media literacy is truly a nonpartisan issue, as manipulative content has become a greater problem for all ages in many areas of our lives.”


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