Media Literacy Policy Report 2023

Each year, Media Literacy Now publishes a policy report outlining the status of media literacy education for K-12 schools in the U.S. This report looks at states that have taken steps toward media literacy education reform through the legislative process as of Dec. 31, 2023. The findings are based on the tracking and monitoring that Media Literacy Now does throughout the year using data collected from public information and internal sources, and compares state progress. Our report is meant to guide and inspire, but also empower legislators, educators, parents, and concerned individuals to advocate for policy that will bring more media literacy instruction to local schools.

Executive Summary

Our annual analysis of state-by-state education policy shows the significant progress of state-level policymakers as well as other organizations, key institutions, and communities to recognize an urgent need for media literacy education and to take action. Policymakers who set the direction for education nationwide are stepping up — legislatures in more than half the states have held hearings or votes on media literacy education in committees or debates on the floor of statehouses. Eighteen state governors have signed bills concerning K-12 media literacy or digital citizenship education, and one legislature has passed two resolutions. We count 19 state legislatures that have taken action. Most notably, California, with the largest K–12 school population in the country, passed a comprehensive media literacy law that will redirect priorities and funding to media literacy curriculum and professional development. That is a major advancement that will reverberate across the country.