(Dec. 17, 2022): The Hug Morenz Foundation for Media Literacy (HMF) today announced its inaugural round of private grants. These were donated to three separate nonprofits—each of which works towards furthering Media Literacy Education. The three recipient organizations were: The Center for Humane Technology, Media Literacy Now, and the National Association for Media Literacy Education. Nearly a quarter of a million dollars in commitments were made in November, at the culmination of a multi-month vetting process.

“We’re very pleased to be able to help three such innovative and forward-thinking organizations.” said Mark Morenz-Harbinger, the foundation’s Executive Director. He offered this definition of Media Literacy: “Basically, it comes down to educating people so they can navigate the media landscape as mentally healthier and more fully empowered participants in society. Whether it’s personal privacy or national security, you’re starting to see more interest—both in the media and in government—around how we all need to deal with these powerful new media technologies.”

Media Literacy Now (MLN) was founded in 2013 to “put media literacy on the public policy agenda.” MLN has been instrumental in elevating media literacy as a priority among state policy makers, and advancing the notion that media literacy is an essential element in K-12 public education. A comprehensive guide to where each state stands in the nationwide movement to implementing media literacy in our schools can be found here.

And the National Association for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE, pronounced “Name-Lee”) was formed in 1997. Since its beginning, it has served as the leading membership organization for Media Literacy in the U.S. Per its mission statement, NAMLE “aims to make media literacy highly valued and widely practiced as an essential life skill”.


Media Contact for Media Literacy Now:
John Pellegrino
(617) 872-1875

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