Welcome 2 Reality, LLC is an organization working to increase awareness regarding and strengthen skills in responding to vulnerabilities of youth, especially youth in care, related to social media and internet safety. An examination of the impact of social media and technology on today’s society, including its influence young people’s perceptions of reality reveals significant risks for the unaware. This seminar provides realistic, cost-effective strategies to identify vulnerabilities and Welcome2Reality-300protect youth that can be immediately implemented by social workers, educators, and caregivers. This curriculum includes a variety of learning methods that are aligned with the principles of adult learning. Multiple opportunities will be available to gather information, share experiences, utilize self-assessment tools, and practice skills.

This seminar provides information on the areas where children, particularly those in foster care, are increasingly vulnerable and, thus, need proper education and supervision. These topics include, but are not limited to: internet safety, cyber-bullying, media marketing and advertisement, music’s impact on values and behavior, and the desensitization of violence via video games. Risk factors associated with social media and technology will be identified and reasonable alternatives that can lessen children’s overexposure to these outlets will be provided.

This training is designed for public and private agency staff and resource parents who are responsible for supporting, providing day to day care, and educating youth and adolescents. Teachers, clergy members, and law enforcement personnel are ideal candidates. Undergraduate and master’s level students can benefit as well. The seminar facilitator will be Marcus Stallworth, LMSW, CWLA Trainer/Consultant and Co-founder Welcome2Reality, LLC.

September 25th or 26th (Agenda will be the same on the 26th for those that cannot attend on the 25th)
8am-4pm each day.

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