South Carolina Chapter Leader

Frank-W.-Baker-200Frank Baker, a native of Columbia, South Carolina, has been teaching media literacy for more than 20 years. He previously worked in broadcast journalism, public education and at South Carolina ETV (PBS), before leaving to start an education consulting practice. His work has taken him to Singapore, Mumbai, India and to Nairobi, Kenya. He was recently recognized by UNESCO with an international media literacy award.  He is the author of four books, including “Close Reading The Media” (Routledge) and “Media Literacy in the K-12 Classroom.”(ISTE) He maintains the popular Media Literacy Clearinghouse website of resources for educators ( He recently was called on by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences the people who give out the Oscars to conduct film literacy workshops with Los Angeles area educators. You can reach him at

Frank with teachers in a professional development workshop.