We are happy to offer you a unique opportunity to see a new film that highlights important media literacy issues and help support Media Literacy Now at the same time!

Just in time for Media Literacy Week, Oct 26 -30, you are invited to a special pre-distribution screening of Trust Me, a feature-length documentary that explores “human nature, information technology, and the need for media literacy to help people trust one another, bring them together and create a more resilient population.” It’s presented by the Getting Better Foundation.

When you purchase a ticket via this link, you can view the film for a reduced price and MLN receives 50% of the ticket price.

A primary value at MLN is continuing our own awareness of the positive and negative consequences of today’s highly accessible global media environment. We seek to improve our own media literacy every day.

To that end, we believe this film is a helpful addition to the effort to educate the public about media literacy. It’s important that we all take steps to be educated and educate others. MLN’s role in this work is in helping to break down barriers for educators by ensuring that media literacy is recognized by policymakers and the public as an essential part of K-12 education.

MLN is highlighted at the end of the film for viewers to learn more and get involved in solutions. Rosemary Smith, a producer of the documentary and managing director of the Getting Better Foundation, is also a Media Literacy Now partner working to educate policymakers in Montana.

She says: “Media Literacy Now and Getting Better Foundation seem a natural fit, working together promoting media and information literacy efforts.  With media literacy, we instill hope and trust among people.  With hope and trust, people are more apt to work together, promoting progress and preserving democracy. With progress, we can solve the big problems facing today’s and future generations.”

Watch the film, let us know what you think.

Bonus: Check out this parent’s discussion guide to the film:


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