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Over and over, we see that grassroots local and state-level advocacy is the engine that moves media literacy education forward. We’re working to ensure media literacy skills are taught in every K-12 classroom around the United States, but we cannot do this work without you.

Parents and Individuals



Reach out to your legislators

Tell your state senators and representatives that you care about media literacy and that they should care, too. Use our general form to easily send an email, record a video message, or send a message via social media. Check out Bills We’re Watching to see if action is required in your state.

Support our public policy efforts

Your support is critical to realizing our mission to ensure all K-12 students are taught media literacy so that they can become confident and competent media consumers and creators. There is clear urgency and we cannot do this important work  without you. Please consider making a donation.

Stay informed

Many pending bills and current laws around the country are the product of efforts by Media Literacy Now’s State Advocates. Some are the results of years of policymaker education and relationship-building between Media Literacy Now advocates and lawmakers. Sign up for our mailing list to receive news and updates about media literacy initiatives and proposed state legislation.