Parents & Individuals

Are you a parent or concerned citizen who wants to see media literacy education in your local school? You can advocate for media literacy and make a real difference in your community. Over and over, we see that grassroots local and state-level advocacy is the engine that moves media literacy forward. So whether you start small by calling your state representatives or coordinating activities at your local school or within your community – know that you’re part of a movement helping advance media literacy for all K-12 students.

Ways to Get Started

Reach out to your legislators

Tell your state senators and representatives that you care about media literacy and that they should care, too. Use our form to easily make a call, send an email, record a video message, or reach out via social media. Be sure to check out Bills We’re Watching so you can take action for specific media literacy bills proposed in your state. 

Advocate for media literacy in schools

You can advocate for media literacy in an individual classroom, or in your school or school district. We’ve seen first hand how individuals can enact real, meaningful change by simply starting conversations in their schools and communities. In order for us to be successful in educating policymakers and push for policies that incorporate media literacy into public education, we rely on you, our individual advocates, to build support on-the-ground and in our communities. Additionally, we’re in the process of compiling a guide for educators looking to get started that includes strategies, ideas, and practical advice. Check back again soon!

Advocacy in Action

An individual can have a major impact! High school senior Gracie Gilligan, as part of her senior project, administered the MLI survey in cooperation with Media Literacy Now to explore whether students are learning the skills necessary to decode messages sent via social media apps, television, video games, newspapers, and other forms of media. Teachers and administrators supported the effort. Learn more about her project and findings.

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Share your story! Are you taking action in your school or community? Let us know! We love to hear what advocates are doing around the country. Share your story.