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Roy receiving a Texas Senate Proclamation recognizing his contributions to media literacy education.

Jerone Roy has been involved with youth education for over 30 years. He is a certified media artist, designing curriculum and lesson plans focused on media literacy for after school enrichment programs in partnership with the Dallas school district, the Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs, Big Thought Thriving Minds, the City of Dallas Parks & Recreation, the  Freeman Junior Development Program, BT Magazine and Teco Theatrical Productions. In addition, he provides consulting services to other non-profits to create youth programs and for grantwriting.

The Texas Media Literacy Association received Texas Senate Proclamation #878 in August 2012 recognizing Jerone Roy’s contributions and the importance of Media Literacy for all citizens in the 21st Century.

Jerone Roy
Texas Chapter President
CEO, Texas Media Literacy Association
Phone: 469-263-5489

Current Activity

Media Literacy Now working in Texas for policy, legislation and advocacy advancement

We are now in Texas, putting media literacy on the agenda. Jerone Roy, founder and CEO of Texas Media Literacy Association, will take the lead on legislative work in Texas.

We will be gathering advocates and activists in the state. Please contact us, sign up for the mailing list, or get in touch with Jerone directly, to learn more about our work in Texas, get connected, and get active.

Roy’s philosophy of Media Literacy as a Solution in the 21st Century


A snapshot from Jerone Roy’s Media & Sports enrichment workshop in Dallas

Our youth need to understand media now, more than ever before. No one can argue the magnitude of media and how technology has influenced society as a whole in the 21st ventury. Media Literacy is the ability to access, analyze, evaluate and produce communication in a variety of forms and media technologies.

It’s certainly not a problem for media to have access to our youth or for them to access a variety of Media on a daily basis. The problem is they need to have the benefit of the theory behind how Media works and be able to realize that all media may have implications. Commonly, they proceed to produce communication based on their own personal analysis and evaluation of what’s relevant or important to them. Media Literacy will empower them by increasing their critical and analytical thinking skills.

sportsI’m writing a book on 21st Century Media & Sports with a Focus on Media Literacy. My dream is to make this book available as a resource, to all youth aspiring to pursue careers in Sports and Media. The book will contain a variety of interviews with people like you that are willing to share their opinions, tips or advice to help youth understand the value of knowing in advance, how media can affect their lives and careers in our 21st Century society.

Thanks to everyone for your interest and support of the World Wide movement of Media Literacy.