We’re pleased to announce our end-of-the-year fundraising campaign was a success. Through our crowdfunding campaign and direct donations on the website, we raised nearly $3,000, much of it from new donors. This fundraising campaign will help us provide tools and resources to advocates who are working right now to get our new model bill introduced into state houses around the country and get that bill to governors’ desks to be signed into law.

Our work is making a difference, and as media literacy gains attention in this time of fake news, we’re ready to take action. Thank you to these recent donors to our year-end campaigns:

Aaron Portzline

Alan Berry

Alicia Haywood

Amy Jussel

Annette Lare

Barrie Carter

Charlotte McNeill

Christine Kensicki

Daniel Palant

David Covert

Donnell Probst

Doreen Miller


Eileen Lennon

Elaine Mullen-Barrett

Elizabeth Clifford

Evonnia Woods

Georgina and Michael Prager

James Ballenger

Jean Kilbourne

Jodi Smith

Joel Weiler

Lynne Azarchi

Margaret Sudnik

Mary Ann Murphy


Mary Ann Stewart

Nanci Winfield

Nancy McCabe

Paula Antonevich

Richard Curzi

Ryan Dalton

Sharon Lux

Shirley Gillham

Sonja Engelsen

Tracey Whitney

Warren Croce

Winton Pitcoff

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