The MLN K-12 Educator Brain Trust request for applications

We are bringing together a diverse group of K – 12 educators (teachers, teacher-librarians) who are passionate about media literacy, to review and endorse advocacy materials. The classroom experience and media literacy expertise that you lend to these materials will be an important contribution to the media literacy education policy movement. You will help find the pathways that lead to incorporating media literacy into every classroom in appropriate and effective ways.

One project in the pipeline needs your immediate attention: a Scope and Sequence model.

Process: Individual review, collaborative online discussion, video conference to finalize.

Time commitment: The panel will convene no more than twice a year.

Initial project estimate: 2 hours individual review, 3-4 hours collaborative online discussion (on your own schedule), 2 video conferences at 1.5 hours each = 9 hours over 6 weeks.

Examples of diversity categories we’re looking for:

Geography – location within US, urban/rural, economics of school district
Grade level taught
Subject area taught
Type of school (Public/private/charter school)
Racial identity
Ethnic identity
Sexual orientation
Political affinity
Religious affiliation

How to Apply:

Email Erin McNeill at with the following information:
Your name
School name and address
Your contact information
Current grade level taught
Subject area taught
How do you incorporate Media Literacy in the classroom?
What is your experience as a teacher at the K-12 level?
Why do you want to participate in this project?
What diversity categories would you represent on the panel?

DEADLINE: November 25, 2018
Please feel free to contact Erin McNeill at 617-395-4222 or with any questions.

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