Obang Martins Akpan training teachers

By Obong Martins Akpan, UNESCO media and information certified advocate

[Note: I received this message today from our friends in Nigeria – Erin] 

I have decided to go to my state capital after the protest, from my rural base. I was touched by the level of carnage the protesters have done to darling  state radio station AKBC.

I never thought such will ever happen in my peaceful state. I thank myself for not coming with my daughter, she wanted to come.

A lot of things ran through my mind on why, how we got to these levels. Protest and demonstration is a democratic right but when it becomes destructive it destroys all what democracy stands for.
I almost had a misunderstanding with the management of the state radio station. All my fault and misinformation.  I believe some thing was amiss during the protest, that triggered the protesters.

This is why I want us to look at the mode, method and when we  pass INFORMATION.

INFORMATION today is as important as water. Everyone needs it and even uses it. The need for empathy and restraint becomes important. We  are now all information handlers and users. We must accept that a little error message can set a nation on fire, especially with the political and economic motives in each information.

I deplore to all to manage their communication properly especially with the impressionable minds, ages from 13 to 35 can be a lethal force with wrong information.  I implore that MEDIA AND INFORMATION LITERACY CURRICULUM should be utilised in all primary and secondary schools in Nigeria. Homes should encourage MIL, broadcasters should adapt MIL skills. We must not use materialism to burn our nation.

I weep for my nation as I see multitude of misinformed children even parents. Our security can’t help us to fight the disinformation we have succeeded to build. Our enemy is not the government it is me and you that have promoted MISINFORMATION.


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