Media Literacy Now representative and podcast host Mark Bordine

We live in a world where persuasive messages and conversations are everywhere. In his new podcast series Persuasion and the Public Mind, Media Literacy Now’s Mark Bordine explores the intricacies of persuasion and helps provide listeners with the tools they need to effectively process the messages

around them. “Our interaction with various forms of communication can influence not only our purchasing decisions, but also the choices we make about our future and the future of our communities and culture,” Mark notes.

An educator, artist, and MLN Arizona representative, Mark has spent over a decade studying media persuasion, media messages, the political economy of media, and overall media effect. He brings this experience to the series, where he features unique perspectives from experts in the fields of communication, psychology, and media studies. The topics explored in each episode range from theories of persuasion to media cultures to neuroscience. Ultimately, Mark is looking to provide “an informative introduction to the subject of persuasion and social influence, as well as […] additional resources that [listeners] can research on [their] own.” The series is available for free at and on most major podcast platforms.

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