MLN consulted in shaping of digital citizenship education legislation

Exciting news! Utah has just passed legislation that will require all schools to have a digital citizenship program that “empowers a student to make smart media and online choices.” It also provides for a funding source. The governor signed the bill March 25. See Utah page for details.

During the drafting of this bill, Media Literacy Now was consulted by EPIK Deliberate Digital, a Utah organization seeking to address “the complex issue of raising children in a tech-saturated world.” We were able to provide advice and resources, and are now working in partnership with this organization to advance media literacy education in Utah.

Rep. Keven Stratton

Rep. Keven Stratton

The sponsor of the bill was Rep. Keven J. Stratton, a Republican representing parts of Provo, Orem and Lindon. When we talked with him just after the vote, he said, “If we’re going to give digital devices to children, they need the tools to use them appropriately.”

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