We launched Media Literacy Now to put media literacy on the public policy agenda. Today, we reached a major milestone in Washington State when state Sen. Marko Liias (D-Lynnwood) spoke to his colleagues about media literacy and digital citizenship on the floor of the state senate.

“The pace of information, the pace of data, the pace of what our students are being exposed to is rising exponentially…Our students need help navigating this digital landscape,” Liias said. “This bill (S 6273) will start the process of better embedding digital citizenship and media literacy into our state schools.”

He was joined by Sen. Steve Litzow, (R-Bellevue), the chair of the Early Learning & K-12 Education Committee, in calling for the senators’ support.

The bill passed, 48-0.

Clare Beach, president of Action for Media Education, our partners in Washington, said the group is thrilled to be celebrating their 25th anniversary year with this legislative success. “The prospect of the next generation of children having these conversations, from kindergarten, about mass media messages that tell them who they are and how they should be – it just makes me very happy.”

The bill now moves to the Washington state House of Representatives for consideration.

Watch the floor debate here . (Video will start at 46:30)


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