Legislative Building on the Washington State Capitol campus in Olympia, Washington. Photograph taken by Tradnor on May 28, 2005. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Washington_State_Capitol_Legislative_Building.jpg#filelinks

Thanks to the work of Claire Beach and her team at Action 4 Media Education in Seattle, Washington, lawmakers there are preparing to offer legislation to help schools teach safe technology use and digital citizenship, a critical, urgently needed subset of media literacy education. Currently the team is seeking help to gather cosponsors before the bill is introduced in January.

“Senator Marko Illias and Representative Lillian Ortiz-Self and Representative Strom Peterson have been very helpful and so enthusiastic about our media literacy initiative,” Claire said. “They were pleased that we were able to offer so much expertise on the subject. All three of them are very excited to introduce this bill. They told us they welcome constituents to bring them good policy ideas, but it’s rare.”

If you live in Washington, please go to the web page to find out how you can take action. Or forward this notice to your acquaintances in that Northwest state.

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