We welcomed Pamela Pereyra to MLN as the leader of our New Mexico state chapter just a few weeks ago, and soon after she announced that Rep. Antonio “Moe” Maestas would introduce legislation calling for statewide discussions on media literacy and digital citizenship education.

The legislation – Memorial 49 – like our model bill calls on the public education department and local school districts develop best practices in media literacy and digital citizenship education.

Media literacy encompasses the foundational skills that lead to digital citizenship, the memorial states, and schools can play a critical role by educating, empowering and engaging children with information on how to make sound judgments when navigating the digital world. A memorial is the method by which the New Mexico legislature addresses or petitions other governmental agencies such as the public education department.

Pamela Pereyra, New Mexico chapter president

Rep. Maestas was one of the earliest state legislators to push for media literacy as a policy priority and was successful in adding media literacy language in 2009 to education statutes.

Pamela Pereyra is a media literacy educator and mother of two elementary-aged kids in Taos, New Mexico. She has been devoted to media literacy since the late 90s when she was using VHS content to decode and spur discussions dealing with teen issues of the times. Today she is founder of JEM (Justice Through Educational Media), which produces media literacy workshops, presentations and programs for youth.

“Media’s negative effects on children are well-documented,” Pereyra says. “Our state’s young people, including my own children, are widely exposed to violence, adult sexuality, fake news, and manipulative ads through TV, movies, websites and video games. Media literacy education gives children the opportunity to develop critical analysis skills in order to question these messages.”

Get in touch with Pamela Pereyra at newmexico@medialiteracynow.org


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