By Qur-an Webb
In 2012 I helped found Welcome 2 Reality, a company that is committed to raising awareness of media literacy. Being a part of Welcome 2 Reality, I have the opportunity to be part of a team filming a documentary film called Welcome 2 Reality: Let’s Sing, Rap, & Talk About It.


Welcome 2 Reality filming on site.

The documentary focuses on the impact that music, television, and social media have on youth and adults in today’s society. I am sure people have seen firsthand some of the direct impacts these topics have on individuals when everyone is using mobile devices, tablets, etc.

We have been fortunate thus far to have worked with individuals from various backgrounds and experiences who have contributed their insight and expertise to our film and our educational work.

We have yielded outstanding results educating youth through churches and school systems about the pros and cons of media use, through trainings, listening forums, workshops, and mentoring. We have a curriculum that is designed to raise the consciousness and knowledge base of those who are unaware of the potential dangers when one is consumed with social media and mobile devices. If you are interested in bringing our program to your church, school or other organization, please go to the website to find contact information.

Coming from a social work background, I feel media literacy is at the forefront of not only education, but everyone’s well-being. The need for awareness is paramount as the media in our lives is only going to grow.

So let’s not get lost, but get equipped!

About the Author:

  Qur-an Webb leads the legislative initiative in Connecticut, where we partner with Welcome 2 Reality LLC.

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