About Us

Media Literacy education – which teaches students to apply critical thinking to media messages and to use media to create their own messages – is a key 21st century skill. Media literacy is critical to the health and well-being of America’s children, as well as to their future participation in the civic and economic life of our democracy. It is critical to examining and changing media systems that contribute to implicit bias and support racism and social injustice.

Since our founding as a nonpartisan policy-oriented advocacy organization in 2013, MLN has made significant progress putting media literacy on the public policy agenda. MLN is internationally recognized as a policy and advocacy leader in media literacy.

MLN, a 501c3 organization, has been highly successful in its mission of advancing policy change with the goal of elevating media literacy as an educational priority.

Interest in media literacy is gaining momentum.

Here is what we do to help create a world where all young people learn critical media literacy skills:

·        We create impactful, broad-scale public awareness about the importance of and critical need for media literacy education to ensure social justice and a democracy that works for everyone.

·        We support, empower and connect activists and communities across the country who are advocating for media literacy in their local schools.

·        We provide crucial policy and advocacy expertise and resources to help develop state laws, policies and educational standards.

 We need you to join our team to help make our vision a reality: 

Imagine a world where every child in the U.S. has equal access to a comprehensive and modern education that included comprehensive media literacy skills, where all youth are mobilized toward understanding, critiquing, and re-envisioning the media systems that uphold institutional racism and inequity toward systems that contribute to social justice, and a generation of adults that feel empowered and confident to consume, create and share content responsibly.

This is a consulting gig or part-time job with flexible and irregular hours.

Job description:

Develop and implement fundraising plan.

Develop strategic partnerships and alliances.

Oversee grants program, write grants.

Pursue individual and corporate giving.

Integrate advocacy and donor management digital tools.

You are:

Experienced and successful in a range of fundraising approaches.

Prepared to work independently as part of a small, early-stage organization.



Technically competent.

Preferably based in the Boston area.

We expect this to be an ongoing, part-time consulting job. You may be a consultant with many clients or just one. You’ll work remotely but we’ll need to meet as a team often. We don’t have a set rate. You’ll let us know what your rate is when you apply.

Diversity, inclusion, and educational equity are central to what we do. We seek a team with diverse perspectives for best results.

Please apply to Erin McNeill, president, Media Literacy Now. You may apply to emcneill@medialiteracynow.org or ask questions there. We look forward to learning about you.