Media Literacy Now’s Denise Ramirez receives training to help expand the reach of nontraditional OpEd voices, and raise the profile of media literacy education for all.

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BOSTON, July 3, 2020We are pleased to announce that Media Literacy Now has received funding to send our communications manager, Denise Ramirez, to Write to Change the World, a virtual workshop of the OpEd Project. The course – part writing workshop and part professional development – aims to increase the diversity of the voices in news media. Denise is participating through a scholarship from the OpEd Project and matching sponsorship from Nancy McCabe of Results Business Coaching.

Denise Ramirez, MLN communications manager

“Throughout the course I felt myself not just grow as a writer but also become more confident in the idea that I could be a thought leader. As a person of color from a working-class background and a lot of untraditional experiences, I am used to keeping my opinions to myself. I am used to making myself small in public, surrendering to the subtle dynamics of social hierarchies. I am used to having the voices of people like me be diminished – in the media, in the professional world, and in everyday interactions. To be reminded of the power of the same voice I constantly suppress is extremely encouraging,” Ms. Ramirez says. “I want to bring national attention to the importance of media literacy education and the role it can play in ensuring that students from all backgrounds understand the power of their voice.”

MLN is looking forward to having Denise apply the skills she learned through the workshop. By publishing a piece for thousands if not millions to see, we hope she will help put the issue of media literacy at the front and center of readers’ consciousness.

Ms. McCabe, founding MLN board member, said Denise is enthusiastic about adding important new skills, amplifying her voice, and rallying support for Media Literacy Now. Her timing couldn’t be better and I am happy to help.


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