Current Legislation

House Bill 1357 – Implementing the recommendations of the media literacy advisory committee in elementary and secondary education.

CO House Bill 1357
Sponsors: Rep. Lisa Cutter [D] and Barbara McLachlan [D].

This bill requires the Department of Education to create an online resource bank of materials on media literacy, including the resources recommended by the Media Literacy Advisory Committee (MLAC) in the report it submitted to the General Assembly in January of 2020.

The Department of Education will also be required to provide technical assistance on policies and procedures to school districts that request it. The State Board of Education must review and adopt revisions to reading, writing and civics standards that incorporate media literacy by June 30, 2021.

The Media Literacy Advisory Committee (MLAC) was created by a June 2019 law (Colorado House Bill 1110). Media literacy was defined in that law as the ability to “access, analyze, evaluate, create, and act through the various forms of media;” analyze reliability of information, claims and sources, and practice “digital citizenship, including norms of appropriate and responsible behavior and discourse when engaging with media, and the prevention of cyberbullying.” See Existing Law, below.

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CO House Bill 1357

Mar 6, 2020 – Introduced In House: Assigned to Education + Appropriations.

Existing Law

House Bill 1110 – Media literacy in elementary and secondary education.

Rep. Lisa Cutter, a new legislator, reached out to MLN for help introducing a media literacy bill; she utilized a version of one of Media Literacy Now’s model bills.

CO House Bill 1110
Sponsor: Rep. Lisa Cutter

This bill, directing the Colorado state Department of Education to create a K-12 media literacy curriculum, was signed into law on June 3, 2019, by Colorado Governor Jared Polis. A media literacy advisory committee of educators and media professionals is now at work, overseeing the effort and making recommendations for ways to teach students how to evaluate media critically, and distinguish real news from ‘fake news,’ as well as recognize bias and misinformation. See Media Literacy Now’s news report for more information.

The advisory committee, made up of seven members appointed by the commissioner of education, reports to the education committees of the House of Representatives and the Senate regarding their recommendations for implementing media literacy in elementary and secondary education.

A consultant hired by the Department of Education performs the research and analysis required, and reports to the committee. The consultant is required to distribute his or her research, analysis, and drafts regularly for feedback from committee members. The committee and consultant are required to convene to discuss the draft report and make recommendations for the final report, which is to be submitted to the education committees of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

CO House Bill 1110

Jan 15, 2019 – House: Introduced and assigned to Education.
Apr 12, 2019 – Second reading special order – Passed with amendments – Committee.
Apr 16, 2019 – Senate: Introduced and assigned to Education.
May 3, 2019 – Third reading passed – No amendments – House concurred – Repass.
May 16, 2019 – Sent to the Governor – Signed by the President of the Senate – Signed by the Speaker of the House.
Jun 3, 2019 – Signed by the Governor.

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