Minnesota Legislation

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Existing Law

2017 MN Statutes: 120B.021 | Required Academic Standards | Technology and Information Literacy Standards

MN Statutes 2017, Section 120B.021

This statute summarizes “Required Academic Standards” in Minnesota.

Section 120B.021, subdivision 4, requires the commissioner of education to “revise and appropriately embed technology and information literacy standards consistent with recommendations from school media specialists into the state’s academic standards and graduation requirements” and review them at least every 10 years.

MN Statutes 2017, Section 120B.021

September 7, 2017 – Section 120B.021 2017 edition year (current version) published electronically.

MN Administrative Rule 3501.0650 | Kindergarten through Grade 12 | Speaking, Viewing, Listening, and Media Literacy Standards.

MN Administrative Rule 3501.0650

In Minnesota, the K-12 standards address viewing and media literacy, in addition to Common Core standards in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language.

MN Administrative Rule 3501.0650

2010 – Minnesota partially adopts Common Core ELA standards with state additions which incorporate media literacy.
2012/2013 – Full Common Core ELA implementation.

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