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Existing Law

Media Literacy Best Practices

The passage of this memorial demonstrated that the legislature acknowledged the importance of best practices in media literacy education.

House Memorial 49 asks the Legislative Education Study Committee (LESC) or other appropriate interim committee to hold a hearing on media literacy and best practices.

HM49 also asks the Public Education Department (PED) and local school districts to develop best practices and to offer media literacy, defined as “the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, develop, produce and interpret media, and it encompasses the foundational skills that lead to digital citizenship.” Digital citizenship “requires a diverse set of skills related to current technology and social media use and includes the norms of appropriate, responsible and healthy behavior.”

2017 Regular Session – House Memorial 49 – Media Literacy Best Practices

NM House Memorial 49

January 21, 2017 – House; Referred to House Education Committee.
January 24, 2017 –  House; Do pass committee report adopted.
January 26, 2017 –  House; Passed House (44-0).
January 28, 2017 – Signed in House, action completed.

Media literacy as an elective in middle and high schools.

This law states that media literacy may be offered as an elective for graduation requirements for high school, and media literacy may be offered as an elective in 6th through 8th grade.

  • Chapter 22 – Public Schools
    Article 13 – Courses of Instruction and School Programs
    Section 22-13-1.1 – Graduation requirements
    2017 New Mexico Statutes

Source: Section 22-13-1.1 NMSA 1978, <https://laws.nmonesource.com/w/nmos/Chapter-22-NMSA-1978#!b/22-13-1.1>, retrieved on 12/28/2019.

Recent Legislation

House Bill 400 – School Media Literacy Advisory Committee.

NM House Bill 400
Sponsors: Rep. Antonio “Moe” Maestas (D),  Rep. Matthew McQueen (D), Rep. Sheryl Williams Stapleton (D), Rep. Joy Garratt (D).

This bill would have created a media literacy advisory committee, intended to advise the public education department on media literacy in public schools.

NM House Bill 400

On April 4, 2019, in a message accompanying her veto of NM HB400, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham stated:
While I agree that media literacy is an important and timely topic, the temporary advisory committee created by HB 400 is not a necessary use of state resources. Although I commend the Legislature for addressing this issue, I have opted to veto HB 400 because the Public Education Department is already in a position to address these issues without the use of additional state resources.

Jan 29, 2019 – Sent to Education – Referrals: Education/Finance.
Feb 13, 2019 – Education: Reported by committee with Do Pass recommendation.
Mar 5, 2019 – Appropriations & Finance: Reported by committee with Do Not Pass but with a Do Pass recommendation on Committee Substitution.
Mar 7, 2019 – Passed in the House of Representatives – Y:64 N:0 (PASS).
Mar 8, 2019 –  Senate: Sent to Education – Referrals: Education.
Mar 13, 2019 – Senate Education Comm: Reported by committee with Do Pass recommendation with amendment(s).
Mar 14, 2019 – Passed in the Senate – Y:31 N:4 (PASS).
Mar 15, 2019 – House has concurred with Senate Amendments; Vetoed by the Governor.

House Bill 303 – Life skills as a graduation requirement, including a major emphasis on media literacy.

NM House Bill 303

Sponsor: Rep. Matthew McQueen [D].

HB303 would have changed the graduation requirements for the New Mexico diploma of excellence for students entering ninth grade in the 2017-2018 school year. HB303 would have reduced the mathematics units from four to three and increased the elective units from seven and one-half to eight and one-half. The mathematics units would have included algebra and geometry. HB303 would have moved career cluster courses and languages other than English to elective units. Life skills would have emphasized financial literacy, media literacy, and workplace readiness.

NM House Bill 303

January 20, 2017 – Referred to House Education committee.

API (Action postponed indefinitely).

House Bill 233 – Media literacy as elective in public schools.

NM House Bill 233

Sponsor: Rep. Antonio Maestas [D].

This bill would have amended the law to require media literacy to be offered as an elective for public schools for students in grades six through twelve.

NM House Bill 233

Jan 23, 2011 – Introduced; Died in Chamber (Action postponed indefinitely).

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