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Existing Law

Safe Technology Utilization and Digital Citizenship in Public Schools.

This law, passed in 2015, implements digital citizenship education in schools, amending and enacting provisions related to educational technology, school community councils, and charter schools. The legislation requires all schools to have a digital citizenship program that “empowers a student to make smart media and online choices.”

The law:
▸ enables school community councils (which consist of parents, teachers, a school’s principal, and sometimes youth) to include Internet safety and digital citizenship education when proposing budgets for the use of school land trust funds.
▸ enables councils to utilize the services of nonprofit organizations for help and support in their efforts to bring digital citizenship training and resources to their schools.

Utah HB213
Sponsor: Rep. Keven J. Stratton (R).
When originally introduced, HB213 focused on Internet safety. With support from Media Literacy Now, EPIK Deliberate Digital (a Utah-based non-profit focused on facilitating multidisciplinary collaboration around the issue of kids and technology) worked with Rep. Stratton to support HB213’s goals and to create a more comprehensive digital citizenship approach.

This key bill became the basis for Media Literacy Now’s model bills that have been successful in Washington and other states.

UT House Bill 213

Signed by Governor on March 25, 2015.

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